Please note the following in order to keep a firm understanding between you--the client, and us:
I understand that I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog(s) to another dog while they are in the care of Dapper Dog Daycare and Grooming. I understand that, if for any reason, Dapper Dog is unable to further care for my dog, I must have an emergency contact available to pick-up and care for my dog.
I understand that all male dogs over 1 year of age are to be neutered and all females must not be in their heat in order to attend daycare and board with Dapper Dog.
I understand that my dog(s) must have a current City license. I will be solely responsible for any and all fines levied if my dog’s license is not valid.
I understand that I must pay for care and services rendered in full at the end of my dog's stay at Dapper Dog.
I understand that if my dog(s) cause damage to the home, vehicles or any of the caregivers belongings during their stay, I could be subject to extra fees.
I have ensured that my dog(s) are in proper health and are up to date with their shots and have been truthful with this information. I also know that I am solely responsible for any sickness contracted by my dog and caused to any other dog from my lack of truthfulness.
I understand that fleas are an issue throughout the year and because my dog will be around other dogs, I have put my dog on a flea preventative program.
I understand that by bringing my dog(s) to an open concept care facility means that they will be playing and interacting with other dogs. Minor cuts, scratches and bumps are inevitable, and, though the dogs are carefully supervised at all times, and the staff and owners do their utmost to keep them safe, there is no guarantee that a more serious incident (scuffles, fighting, even death.) will not occur and Dapper Dog Services Ltd. will not be held liable.
In case of an emergency, or sickness, as so determined by management or staff of Dapper Dog, if myself, or the emergency contact given is unreachable, I hereby give consent to Dapper Dog Management or staff to seek emergency care at the nearest Animal Hospital accessible.
I understand that there will be a half day daycare charge applied to my dog’s stay with Dapper Dog should the time be later than 2PM on the day of pickup.
I also understand that any medical, veterinary or other cost pertaining to my dog is my responsibility.


You will be asked to sign a consent form with this same information upon drop off of your dog indicating that you have read and agree with these terms.



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