Introduction to K9 Nose Work® (level 1)


Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: $180 + GST
Next class start date: TBA

Requirements & supplies:

  • Dogs are up to date on their vaccinations.

  • A pulling style harness (one that clips on the dog's back)

  • 10 foot leash. No retractable or chain leads.

  • A variety of small, soft treats for rewards.


What is K9 Nose Work®?

K9 Nose Work® is a fun and accessible way to tap into one of your dog’s strongest and most basic instincts; using their noses to search, hunt and find!

Very little is needed to get started, and you can “play” anytime, anywhere. 

Who can do K9 Nose Work®?

Can you follow your dog on a leash?  Great!  You can do K9 Nose Work® with your dog!

What kinds of dogs can do K9 Nose Work®?

Pretty much ANY dog can, as the dogs “work” one at a time.


Do you have a dog that never seems to tire and could seemingly run a marathon every day?

This is a great way to mentally challenge and stimulate your dog and tire them in a way you may never have thought possible!

Do you have a puppy that is struggling to focus, or perhaps a dog that just isn’t confident?  K9 Nose Work® can teach dogs to ignore distractions and become engaged in their work!

Perhaps you have a senior dog that prefers the sofa to the sidewalk but still enjoys treats and being with you? 

Engage their brain and awaken their spirits with this fun and rewarding sport!

Or, maybe you have a reactive or fearful dog that you wish you could do some sort of activity with, without the fear of negative interactions with other dogs or people.

Then K9 Nose Work® definitely is for you!


In this 6 week class you will learn to:

Strengthen your relationship with your dog through communication and teamwork.

Build your dog’s confidence and help them find their focus

Awaken your dog’s hunt drive and learn to play scent games anywhere

Have a positive and fun activity to help drain your dog both mentally and physically. 


“What I love best about K9 Nose Work® is how inclusive it is.  It doesn’t matter what breed, what age, what fitness level, what obedience level (if any), or what challenges your dog might be working with. It is just about enjoying an activity with your dog in the company of like-minded dog enthusiasts and having FUN!”

Paula McInnis CPDT

Dapper Dog Trainer/Owner


Maximum 5 students.


Full payment is required to reserve a space in any class. Registration is due before the first day of class.


To register for this class, please call us at 604-945-3364 or email us at info@dapperdog.ca 








































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