To ease your mind when you are away at work, running errands, or keeping appointments, relax. Your dog will be well cared for in our Daycare. 


To ensure the safety of your pet we require that all of our potential daycare members take part in a short interview to assess their comfort levels. Once your dog passes, it is required that your dog attend daycare a minimum of once a week. This maintains our relationship with your dog and helps your dog stay familiar with the routine and all of it's furry friends. We do not do drop-in daycare. All dogs that have not been in for and passed an interview will not be accepted for daycare.



Please call or email us to schedule your dogs interview.



Interview Requirements:



  • We require that your dog be up to date on all vaccines including bordetella (kennel cough vaccine). Please bring in proof of these vaccines when you come for the interview.

  • Dogs must be on a flea preventative program.

  • All male dogs must be neutered by 1 year of age. Female dogs may remain intact but must not attend daycare when in heat.

  • All interviews are scheduled and held between 10:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-3:00 pm Monday to Friday.​


The Daycare routine



Dogs filter in to daycare from 6:00am until about 11am. They are taken straight out to our fully fenced outdoor area for a potty. They then enter the daycare for supervised play. Every hour the entire group go out for potty time (puppies are put on timers as they potty more frequently than the adult dogs. This helps us stay on top of all the hard work you have put into potty training your puppy). 


If your young dog requires a lunch we encourage you to bring it for them. We feed all the dogs that brought a lunch at noon before they go down for their afternoon nap.


The dogs nap for one hour in our specially designed nap rooms. The rooms consist of crates for those dogs who prefer a cozy place of their own and also an open space with dog beds and blankets to lounge on.


Once they wake up from nap time, play starts all over again until they are picked up by you!


 Interesting safety facts about our facility



  • We have the best indoor daycare flooring in the Tri-Cities! Professional level seamless rubber Sports flooring has been installed and it's designed specifically for saftey and intense play. Dogs, like kids, just love to race around and goof off with their new pals. Our flooring is designed to potentially prevent hip and joint injuries and protects their paws when they are playing with their furry friends.


  • We have seperate rooms for big dogs and little dogs. Although your little dog may have a big dog personality, it's safer to keep them with pals their own size. This helps ensure your dog isn't accidentally squished by the big guys in their play session. 

  • Young puppies are introduced to the daycare in a slow fashion. This means they start in the small dog room with a few pals and slowly graduate to playing full time with every dog. This allows your puppy to go at their own pace and gradually get used to daycare.


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